Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

We in “Allsuq” always strive to achieve the best shopping try through our website, so we provided our customers with after-sales warranty service for products subject to guarantees, and is required to take advantage of this service below:

-       This warranty applies only to Products purchased from our site With the slogan "Shipping and Quality Assurance".

-       This warranty applies only to Products that are not subject to accident, misuse, neglect, fire or other external causes, unauthorized use, alterations or repair, or commercial use.

-       This warranty is not transferable to any subsequent purchaser or recipient of the Product.

-       Send the purchase invoice that corresponds to the order number and ensure that the warranty period for the product is effective.

-       We have the right to inspect the guaranteed product and its meets the conditions before completing the process... Days.

-       The customer has the right to replace the guaranteed product with the equivalent of its value if the terms of the guarantee met.

The warranty does not include damage caused by:

-       Defects or malfunctions caused by consumer misuse.

-       Non-compliance with instructions and instructions for use.

-       Negligence in performing maintenance that does not conform to the recommendations of the product.

-       Presence of scratches or damage to the plastic surface and all other external parts because of natural use by the customer.

-       If remove, erasure, distortion, modification or unclear to product serial number, accessory date codes, international product ID number or warranty seal.




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